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China manufacturer 21 M3/Min Closed Type Compressors Diesel Industrial Screw Portable Air Compressor OEM portable air compressor

Product Description

Product Description

Diesel mobile screw air compressor

This series of products pay more attention to the structural layout of products and the application of innovative technologies while improving the strength of the machine body. The self-developed cooler is equipped with fans with corresponding speed ratio, which can ignore all the high temperature weather. Diesel engines operating at economic speeds can improve fuel economy while operating at low noise. The double-door design greatly solves the trouble of inconvenient replacement of filter element during maintenance.

Type Screw Air Compressor
Item  21/17
Rated FAD 21 m³/min
Rate Pressure 17 bar
Diesel Brand Yuchai Diesel
Engine Power 191KW
Compression stage 2 Stage
Whole Machine walking mode 4wheels
Dimensions (L*W*H) 3200*2000*2600mm
Weight 3700KG


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Packaging & Shipping


Company Profile


Q1: Are you factory or trade company?
A1: We are factory. And we have ourselves trading company.

Q2: What the exactly address of your factory?
A2: Our company is located in Kaixuan Road ,Economic Zone HangZhou, ZHangZhoug, China

Q3: Warranty terms of your machine?
A3: One year warranty for the machine and technical support according to your needs.

Q4: Will you provide some spare parts of the machines?
A4: Yes, of course.

Q5: What about the voltage of products? Can they be customized?
A5: Yes, of course. The voltage can be customized according to your equirement.

Q6: Which payment term can you accept?
A6: 30% T/T in advanced, 70% T/T against the B/L copy.


After-sales Service: 1 Year
Lubrication Style: Lubricated
Cooling System: Oil Cooling
Power Source: Diesel Engine
Cylinder Position: Angular
Structure Type: Closed Type


air compressor

What role do air dryers play in compressed air systems?

Air dryers play a crucial role in compressed air systems by removing moisture and contaminants from the compressed air. Compressed air, when generated, contains water vapor from the ambient air, which can condense and cause issues in the system and end-use applications. Here’s an overview of the role air dryers play in compressed air systems:

1. Moisture Removal:

Air dryers are primarily responsible for removing moisture from the compressed air. Moisture in compressed air can lead to problems such as corrosion in the system, damage to pneumatic tools and equipment, and compromised product quality in manufacturing processes. Air dryers utilize various techniques, such as refrigeration, adsorption, or membrane separation, to reduce the dew point of the compressed air and eliminate moisture.

2. Contaminant Removal:

In addition to moisture, compressed air can also contain contaminants like oil, dirt, and particles. Air dryers help in removing these contaminants to ensure clean and high-quality compressed air. Depending on the type of air dryer, additional filtration mechanisms may be incorporated to enhance the removal of oil, particulates, and other impurities from the compressed air stream.

3. Protection of Equipment and Processes:

By removing moisture and contaminants, air dryers help protect the downstream equipment and processes that rely on compressed air. Moisture and contaminants can negatively impact the performance, reliability, and lifespan of pneumatic tools, machinery, and instrumentation. Air dryers ensure that the compressed air supplied to these components is clean, dry, and free from harmful substances, minimizing the risk of damage and operational issues.

4. Improved Productivity and Efficiency:

Utilizing air dryers in compressed air systems can lead to improved productivity and efficiency. Dry and clean compressed air reduces the likelihood of equipment failures, downtime, and maintenance requirements. It also prevents issues such as clogging of air lines, malfunctioning of pneumatic components, and inconsistent performance of processes. By maintaining the quality of compressed air, air dryers contribute to uninterrupted operations, optimized productivity, and cost savings.

5. Compliance with Standards and Specifications:

Many industries and applications have specific standards and specifications for the quality of compressed air. Air dryers play a vital role in meeting these requirements by ensuring that the compressed air meets the desired quality standards. This is particularly important in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and automotive, where clean and dry compressed air is essential for product integrity, safety, and regulatory compliance.

By incorporating air dryers into compressed air systems, users can effectively control moisture and contaminants, protect equipment and processes, enhance productivity, and meet the necessary quality standards for their specific applications.

air compressor

How are air compressors used in refrigeration and HVAC systems?

Air compressors play a vital role in refrigeration and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, providing the necessary compression of refrigerant gases and facilitating the heat transfer process. Here are the key ways in which air compressors are used in refrigeration and HVAC systems:

1. Refrigerant Compression:

In refrigeration systems, air compressors are used to compress the refrigerant gas, raising its pressure and temperature. This compressed gas then moves through the system, where it undergoes phase changes and heat exchange to enable cooling or heating. The compressor is the heart of the refrigeration cycle, as it pressurizes and circulates the refrigerant.

2. Refrigeration Cycle:

The compression of refrigerant gas by the air compressor is an essential step in the refrigeration cycle. After compression, the high-pressure, high-temperature gas flows to the condenser, where it releases heat and condenses into a liquid. The liquid refrigerant then passes through an expansion valve or device, which reduces its pressure and temperature. This low-pressure, low-temperature refrigerant then enters the evaporator, absorbing heat from the surrounding environment and evaporating back into a gas. The cycle continues as the gas returns to the compressor for re-compression.

3. HVAC Cooling and Heating:

In HVAC systems, air compressors are used to facilitate cooling and heating processes. The compressor compresses the refrigerant gas, which allows it to absorb heat from the indoor environment in the cooling mode. The compressed gas releases heat in the outdoor condenser unit and then circulates back to the compressor to repeat the cycle. In the heating mode, the compressor reverses the refrigeration cycle, absorbing heat from the outdoor air or ground source and transferring it indoors.

4. Air Conditioning:

Air compressors are an integral part of air conditioning systems, which are a subset of HVAC systems. Compressed refrigerant gases are used to cool and dehumidify the air in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant, initiating the cooling cycle that removes heat from the indoor air and releases it outside.

5. Compressor Types:

Refrigeration and HVAC systems utilize different types of air compressors. Reciprocating compressors, rotary screw compressors, and scroll compressors are commonly used in these applications. The selection of the compressor type depends on factors such as system size, capacity requirements, efficiency, and application-specific considerations.

6. Energy Efficiency:

Efficient operation of air compressors is crucial for refrigeration and HVAC systems. Energy-efficient compressors help minimize power consumption and reduce operating costs. Additionally, proper compressor sizing and system design contribute to the overall energy efficiency of refrigeration and HVAC systems.

By effectively compressing refrigerant gases and facilitating the heat transfer process, air compressors enable the cooling and heating functions in refrigeration and HVAC systems, ensuring comfortable indoor environments and efficient temperature control.

air compressor

What is the role of air compressor tanks?

Air compressor tanks, also known as receiver tanks or air receivers, play a crucial role in the operation of air compressor systems. They serve several important functions:

1. Storage and Pressure Regulation: The primary role of an air compressor tank is to store compressed air. As the compressor pumps air into the tank, it accumulates and pressurizes the air. The tank acts as a reservoir, allowing the compressor to operate intermittently while providing a steady supply of compressed air during periods of high demand. It helps regulate and stabilize the pressure in the system, reducing pressure fluctuations and ensuring a consistent supply of air.

2. Condensation and Moisture Separation: Compressed air contains moisture, which can condense as the air cools down inside the tank. Air compressor tanks are equipped with moisture separators or drain valves to collect and remove this condensed moisture. The tank provides a space for the moisture to settle, allowing it to be drained out periodically. This helps prevent moisture-related issues such as corrosion, contamination, and damage to downstream equipment.

3. Heat Dissipation: During compression, air temperature increases. The air compressor tank provides a larger surface area for the compressed air to cool down and dissipate heat. This helps prevent overheating of the compressor and ensures efficient operation.

4. Pressure Surge Mitigation: Air compressor tanks act as buffers to absorb pressure surges or pulsations that may occur during compressor operation. These surges can be caused by variations in demand, sudden changes in airflow, or the cyclic nature of reciprocating compressors. The tank absorbs these pressure fluctuations, reducing stress on the compressor and other components, and providing a more stable and consistent supply of compressed air.

5. Energy Efficiency: Air compressor tanks contribute to energy efficiency by reducing the need for the compressor to run continuously. The compressor can fill the tank during periods of low demand and then shut off when the desired pressure is reached. This allows the compressor to operate in shorter cycles, reducing energy consumption and minimizing wear and tear on the compressor motor.

6. Emergency Air Supply: In the event of a power outage or compressor failure, the stored compressed air in the tank can serve as an emergency air supply. This can provide temporary air for critical operations, allowing time for maintenance or repairs to be carried out without disrupting the overall workflow.

Overall, air compressor tanks provide storage, pressure regulation, moisture separation, heat dissipation, pressure surge mitigation, energy efficiency, and emergency backup capabilities. They are vital components that enhance the performance, reliability, and longevity of air compressor systems in various industrial, commercial, and personal applications.

China manufacturer 21 M3/Min Closed Type Compressors Diesel Industrial Screw Portable Air Compressor OEM   portable air compressorChina manufacturer 21 M3/Min Closed Type Compressors Diesel Industrial Screw Portable Air Compressor OEM   portable air compressor
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China Standard Low Noise and Energy-Saving 30% Industrial Rotary Screw Air Compressors 11kw 15HP wholesaler

Item Description


———Business profile—————

———–————OTHER Items——————-

———Soon after Service—————–


Q1: Are you a factory or trade organization? 
A1: We are an integration of industry and trade.The manufacturing unit and worldwide trade division are in the identical area.

Q2 : What the precise address of your manufacturing unit? 
A2: Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Industrial Park, HangZhou Metropolis, ZheJiang Province,China.

Q3: Guarantee phrases of your machine? 
A3: 18 months for the complete equipment, 2 a long time for air end, technological help for daily life.

This autumn: How prolonged is your delivery?
A4: 25-30 times following obtaining your 30% down payment.

Q5: Phrases of payment?
A5: T/T and L/C at sight.

Q6: What is the MOQ?
A6: 1 Pc.

Q7: Can you settle for OEM orders?
A7: Yes, with a professional design team, OEM orders are highly welcome.

Q8: Can you accept shade customize?
A8: Sure we can.

Q9: Will you supply some spare parts of the air compressor? 
A9: Yes, of training course.

Q10 : What’s your factory’s generation potential?
A10: About a thousand models per thirty day period.Thank you.

———-Why select us?———–

Steady tests for many several years can guarantee the absolute trustworthiness of compressors. And we utilised Germany Schneider air compressor elements and Chinese CZPT brand name add-ons, this kind of as CZPT air finish, Jiangtian motor, Inovance converter. We hope to supply the ideal solution for your company.

The CZPT screw air compressors are outstanding all-in-1 remedies for modest and medium workshops, with CZPT cost savings of 30% – 35%. 

three.Higher efficiency 
In contrast with other companies in the manufacturing of normal frequency conversion equipment, our air compressor can help save about 6%-7% vitality.
In the air compressor life cycle, the total charges are composed of the price of acquire upkeep and vitality. A frequency conversion handle method can lessen CZPT use, hence decrease the complete value of air compressors.

4.New modify
Adopting the new idea of frequency conversion air compressor to attain the greatest strength-conserving influence in this sector.
Much more compact layout, more closed physique, much less sounds, low vibration, much a lot more stable performance top the foreseeable future path of the air compressor, establishment the market expectations to give consumers with the benefit of power.

For a lot more thorough details, you are welcome to speak to me by electronic mail or Wechat & WhatsApp.
Attn: Ms.Carrie

How to Choose the Proper Air Compressor

An air compressor makes use of pressurized air to electrical power a range of equipment. They are most typically utilized to power nailers and influence wrenches. Other common makes use of for air compressors consist of paint sprayers and affect wrenches. While all air compressors have the very same basic development, their specialty differs. In the long run, their variations arrive down to the quantity of air they can push. Read on for details on each and every kind of air compressor. These resources are wonderful for many different purposes, and deciding on the right air compressor relies upon on your particular needs.

Electric motor

While acquiring an electric motor for air compressor, compatibility is a key issue. Not all motors work with the same kind of air compressor, so it really is critical to check the manufacturer’s directions prior to getting. By doing this, you can stay away from throwing away money on an incompatible motor. Yet another critical thought is speed. A motor’s speed is its fee of rotation, calculated in revolutions for every minute. It is critical that you obtain a motor with adequate pace to meet up with the requirements of your air compressor.
Generally, an electrical motor for air compressor is 1.5 hp. It is perfect for use with healthcare equipment and steel-chopping equipment. It also performs well below continuous operation and gives a substantial performance and energy-saving performance. In addition, it features an eye-catching cost, generating it a excellent option for a extensive selection of apps. If you are seeking for a motor for an air compressor, seem no additional than a ZYS series.
A motor’s safety class indicates how the motor will operate. Protection classes are specified by the IEC 60034-5. These are said with two digits and signify the safety from sound objects and drinking water. For instance, an IP23 rating signifies that the motor will be safeguarded from strong objects, while IP54 signifies that it will defend from dust and drinking water sprayed from all instructions. It is essential to decide on a motor with the appropriate defense class for your air compressor.
When deciding on an electric motor, you ought to take into account regardless of whether it truly is suitable with the model of air compressor. Some might be compatible, even though other individuals might need sophisticated electronics abilities to repair. Even so, most air compressors are protected by guarantee, so it really is essential to check with the company if the guarantee is nevertheless in influence ahead of you invest a dime on a substitute. The motor must be changed if it has failed to carry out as created.

Oil tub

Air compressors need correct lubrication to perform efficiently. The piston should draw air with minimal friction. Dependent on their style, air compressors can both be oil-lubricated or oil-free. The former makes use of oil to reduce piston friction, while the latter splashes it on the cylinder bearings and partitions. This kind of air compressors are commonly identified as oil-flooded air compressors. In get to keep their oil baths clean, they are recommended for use in places with large dust amounts.

Begin/end management

An air compressor can be controlled by a start off/quit management. This type of handle sends a signal to the principal motor that activates the compressor when the desire for air falls beneath a preset restrict. This handle strategy is successful for scaled-down air compressors and can be useful for lowering strength expenses. Start/quit management is most successful in purposes in which air stress does not adjust often and the place the compressor is not necessary to run continuously.
To troubleshoot this issue, you require to check out the power offer of your compressor. To check the source facet, use a voltage keep an eye on to establish if electrical power is flowing to the compressor. Make certain that the electrical power source to the compressor is continual and secure at all moments. If it fluctuates, the compressor may possibly not commence or end as predicted. If you cannot locate the dilemma with the air compressor electricity source, it could be time to exchange it.
In addition to the start/end handle, you might want to obtain added air receivers for your air compressor. These can enhance the capability of air saved and decrease the quantity of moments it commences and stops. Yet another way to lower the amount of starts for every hour is to include far more air receivers. Then, you can adjust the manage to match your requirements. You can also put in a stress gauge that monitors the compressor’s efficiency.
Start/end manage for air compressors can be complex, but the fundamental elements are relatively effortless to understand. A single way to take a look at them is to switch the compressor on or off. It is generally positioned on the exterior of the motor. If you’re unsure of the place of these factors, check out the capacitors and make sure that the air compressor is not working even though you happen to be not utilizing it. If it does, try out to take away the capacitor.
Variable displacement control is an additional way to modify the sum of air flowing into the compressor. By managing the quantity of air, the manage can hold off the use of additional compressors until finally much more essential air is available. In addition to this, the unit can also monitor the vitality employed in the compressor. This manage approach can end result in sizeable power cost savings. You can even save on the sum of electrical energy by using variable displacement handle. It is crucial for productive compressed air methods.

Variable velocity drive

A VFD, or variable frequency push, is a type of electric powered motor that adjusts its pace to match the need for air. It is an successful way to minimize strength expenses and increase technique dependability. In simple fact, studies have shown that a twenty% reduction in motor velocity can conserve up to fifty% of energy. In addition, a VFD can keep an eye on extra variables this kind of as compressor oil stress and motor temperature. By eliminating guide checks, a VFD will boost the functionality of the application and lessen running expenses.
In addition to reducing power expenses, variable-velocity drives also enhance productiveness. A variable-pace air compressor lowers the danger of program leaks by 30 per cent. It also lowers the risk of program leaks by reducing stress in the system. Because of these rewards, numerous governments are promoting this technological innovation in their industries. Several even supply incentives to support organizations improve to variable-pace drives. Consequently, the variable-speed drive can reward many air compressor installations.
1 major benefit of a variable-velocity drive is its capacity to enhance energy use. Variable frequency drives are able to ramp up and down to match the desire for air. The aim is to enhance the pressure and circulation in the method so that the ideal “useless band” happens amongst forty % and eighty per cent of full load. A variable-speed compressor will also enhance vitality efficiency due to the fact of its programmability.
A variable-speed air compressor can also be utilised to manage the sum of air that is compressed by the program. This feature adjusts the frequency of electrical power provided to the motor based on the demand. If the demand from customers for air is minimal, the frequency of the motor will minimize to help save vitality. On the other hand, if there is an surplus demand for air, the variable-speed compressor will increase its velocity. In addition, this sort of air compressor is more successful than its set-speed counterpart.
A VFD has a lot of advantages for compressed air systems. 1st, it will help stabilize the strain in the pipe network, thus reducing the electricity losses due to upstream stress. It also helps minimize the electrical power consumption induced by fluctuations in upward stress. Its rewards are also much-achieving. And as prolonged as the air strain and air offer is properly sized, a VFD will support improve the performance of compressed air methods.

China Standard Low Noise and Energy-Saving 30% Industrial Rotary Screw Air Compressors 11kw 15HP     wholesaler China Standard Low Noise and Energy-Saving 30% Industrial Rotary Screw Air Compressors 11kw 15HP     wholesaler